fireworksMost people joined the 21st Century on January 1, 2000. And yes, we were there too: three generations of our family, on Boston Common, drinking hot chocolate, enjoying amazing fireworks, sharing the excitement of watching the calendar change to a new millennium. In the almost 15 years since that night, we have run our practice “old school” with only a small internet presence. But today is our Firm’s New Year’s Eve because … drum roll, please … today is the day The Shore Law Firm officially joins the 21st Century with our launch of our new website and this blog.

We are lawyers, and lawyers do research, so to prepare for this day we have done lots of research. We have looked at and read far too many of our colleagues’ websites and blogs in order to identify what we liked / didn’t like for our own. And through that process, we have reaffirmed the “personality” of our Firm, of us as legal counselors, and of the kind of presence we wish to have. Bottom line: we are teachers and problem solvers. Which is ironic, really, since I grew up in a family filled with teachers and whenever I was asked “are you going to be a teacher too?” my answer was always “nope, not me.” Funny how that works out, right?

Our mission in our practice is to help people preserve not only their assets, but more importantly, their families, and to maximize whatever resources they have, no matter how little or large. We help our clients understand their choices in a way that empowers them to be partners in the planning process. We don’t tell our clients what to do: we decide together which path is best in light of each family’s unique dynamics, finances, and concerns.

And so, our mission for this blog will be to teach, just like we do around our conference room table, so that together we can solve problems. We’ll teach about legal concepts, sure. But, just as around our conference room table, we’ll teach through sharing stories and practical tips. We’ll explore family dynamics and the issues that families confront as they face the challenges of planning for their futures … and for the present. We’ll introduce you to community resources and to our trusted professional colleagues because none of us does this journey alone. And we’ll do it in a way that you will absolutely understand.

For today though, please join us in saying “Happy New Year!” Welcome to our Firm.