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Planning Ahead is Planning for Life

Planning Ahead is Planning for Life

Planning Ahead is Planning for Life

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We both want to say it was your expertise, tenacity, and knowledge of the situation, as well as your amazing colleague base, that brought it to a successful solution. We appreciate what you have done and know without a doubt; it would not have happened this way without you. Thank you. Thank you.

Jim & Dawn R.after MassHealth approval for Dawn’s Mom

You are so good at making complicated, scary things seem much less scary!

Ms. K.N.Client and Professional Colleague

We are beyond grateful.  You will always be part of our family.

Ms. S.F.Emergency Guardianship Client

Thank you for all of your help. … I wish I had heard about you years ago!  I wouldn’t have had some of the problems now.

Mae G. Elder Estate Planning Client

My brother and I were very much relieved after our meeting with you and are very happy we have contacted you.

Jackie M.Daughter of Medicaid Planning Client

Thanks, Deborah. You have a way of sifting through the mess and making sense of it. That is a formidable talent.

Margaret F.Estate Planning Client

Deborah met with my spouse and me and helped us to craft a plan that was specific to our unique and specialized situation. The final package of the plan is comprehensive and well-organized and includes easy to follow steps to keep our affairs in line. I feel confident that the plan will withstand the test of time.

Kathy T.Estate Planning Client

Your words and examples were very real and I can see why people like consulting with you to arrange their affairs and for advice.  You exude a warmth and caring that is rare to find with many professionals today.

Lynn P.Professional Colleague

Talking to you was like talking to a member of our family.  Better than talking to a member of the family!

Maureen M.Daughter of Long Term Care Planning Client

How thoughtful of you Deborah… thoughtful and thorough!  I truly feel armed now and fully prepared for anything that might happen in the future.  … For the things that you told me when I last saw you gave me peace of mind and put me in good stead.  … You have freed me of the anxieties I had been experiencing.

Donald B.Elder Estate Planning Client

Deb is a terrific listener, a trait that is so important when working with seniors. She does a great job of understanding what is most important to them, creating a plan to help them achieve their objective and helps them keep control of their assets.

Kelly F.Professional Colleague

We both feel that you did an excellent job in explaining to us the various options which are available as we seek to find the best plan for us.

Robert & Rita B.Long Term Care Planning Clients

You have been so wonderful through all of this and everyone you have referred has been fantastic.  I appreciate all the help you have given us.

Pat W.Daughter-in-law of Medicaid Planning Client

I think you have some idea of how much support you provided, for me especially, over these past several years. You were far more than our “elder care lawyer.” Your helpfulness and understanding gave me a lot of courage and helped me/us do what needed to be done. Thank you so much.

Linda L.Daughter of Long Term Care Client

I hired Deborah to facilitate the Medicaid application process for my Dad. She was extremely knowledgeable regarding Medicaid regulations, documentation needed, and the process. Deborah dealt directly with all questions and requests from the Mass Health office and kept me informed of any issues or progress. Knowing that I had Deborah’s expertise during what was a stressful time, was a great relief.

Ellen H.Daughter of Medicaid Client

Thank you for your help with my father’s situation. Your kind words were a comfort to us. Keep doing what you’re doing – it is a help to families.

Fred C.Estate Administration Client

I recently worked with Deborah to assist a family member with estate and long term care planning. Deborah’s practice is focused on these areas which are highly complex and ever-changing. She does a great job breaking down the complexities and explaining the options available. I confidently recommend Deb for her expertise in these areas.

Jim C.CPA, Professional Colleague

Deborah provided a family member with very reliable and sound estate planning advice. She also was very accommodating with her schedule and willingness to travel for this family member, who was very sick.

Ann M.Daughter-in-law of Crisis Estate Planning Clients

Just a quick note to tell you how “blown away” I was with the total professionalism that I received from you and Mary Ann. The final binder presentation was so detailed; it made everything easy to follow. You covered everything……………you anticipated needs that I didn’t even think about.

Erna H.Estate Planning Client

Thank you so much for your care and compassion toward our family. I realize we are not wealthy clients but we sincerely value your advice regarding their estate plan.

Yvonne B.Daughter of Estate Planning Clients

Peter – I can not thank you enough for the efforts of you and your staff.  Not just won the case against me, but reversed the whole context of the litigation and ended up ahead by $250,000. Your determination, expertise, experience and knowledge rolled a very large boulder up a very steep hill.  Thank you once again.

John H.Creditors’ Rights Client

I was extremely pleased with Peter Shore’s knowledge and experience in dealing with several of my business contract and payment issues as I was at a stand still on my own.  Peter was able to advise me and move forward to getting the situations resolved quickly and with my best interests in mind.

Kevin C.Business Owner, Creditors' Rights Client

As the gatekeeper to your office, Mary Ann has consistently communicated something not often found: that is a kind, welcoming and understanding personality coupled with true business professionalism.

Jay E.Professional Colleague

Deborah continues to be an excellent presenter and source of valuable information

Seminar Attendee 1MTA Seminar attendees

Totally well versed in her subject

Seminar Attendee 2MTA Seminar attendees

Very helpful and thought provoking

Seminar Attendee 3MTA Seminar attendees

Explained complexities of the law in clear terms

Seminar Attendee 4MTA Seminar attendees

I finally understand!

Seminar Attendee 5MTA Seminar attendees

Extremely knowledgeable

Seminar Attendee 6MTA Seminar attendees

Great job!

Seminar Attendee 7MTA Seminar attendees

Marvelous presentation! Wealth of information

Seminar Attendee 8MTA Seminar attendees

She made legal jargon very clear and understandable in this program. Thank you!

Seminar Attendee 9MTA Seminar attendees

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