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Planning Ahead is Planning for Life

Planning Ahead is Planning for Life

Planning Ahead is Planning for Life

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Creditors’ Rights Services & Fees FAQs

Why do I need an attorney to collect my company’s aging accounts receivable?
How long should I wait before I use an attorney to assist with a past due account?
If I use an attorney, won’t I just being spending “good” money to go after “bad” money?
My customer is not paying me because he said my company didn’t provide the services/products as promised, and my company won’t be paid until it does. Even though we have given the customer proof that our company has met its responsibilities, the customer is insisting that we did not.
Can I insist that my customer pay for the fees that you charge?
My company has had problems with past due invoices in the past, but things are OK right now; is there anything my company can do to minimize future accounts receivable issues?
What happens when I call your office to make an appointment?
The Intake Form asks for more information than I have provided in the past; is it all necessary?
What happens at the Initial Consultation?
How do you charge for your services?

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