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Planning Ahead is Planning for Life

Planning Ahead is Planning for Life

Planning Ahead is Planning for Life

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Elder Law Services & Fees FAQs

How is an elder law attorney different from a regular estate planning attorney?
I already have a Will, Durable Power of Attorney, and Health Care Proxy. Shouldn’t I be all set?
I am taking care of my aging/ill wife (or husband or mother or father or aunt or uncle or grandparent) and I am overwhelmed. I need help figuring out how to keep her safe, how to find the best care, and how to pay for everything that she needs. Can you help?
The nursing home has offered to help prepare my loved one’s MassHealth application. Shouldn’t I just let them? Or, can’t we just do the application ourselves? Why should we hire you for this work when you are going to charge me more than the nursing home’s people will (and more than if we just did the application ourselves)?
I have never been to a lawyer (or, the only time I ever met with a lawyer was when I did my first Will, or bought my house a long, long time ago). I am really nervous about our meeting and worried that I won’t understand everything. How do I know that The Shore Law Firm is the right place for me?
What happens when I call your Firm to make an appointment?
The intake form seems long. Why do you need all of this information?
What happens at the initial consultation?
How do you charge for your services?

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