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Planning Ahead is Planning for Life

Planning Ahead is Planning for Life

Planning Ahead is Planning for Life

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Over my years of being an elder law attorney, I have learned many valuable life lessons from my clients.  One of them is that people age in different ways.  I have learned that there are some really old 65 year olds, and some incredibly young 80, 90, and yes, 100 year olds.  Yes, a lot… Continue Reading


A few weeks ago the Institute of Medicine, the nonprofit, nongovernmental health arm of the National Academies of Science, released a 500 page report entitled “Dying in America.”  A summary of the report is available here.. A principal reason why patients undergo unwanted and ultimately expensive care at the very end of their lives is… Continue Reading


One of our favorite summer activities is exploring new places.  This summer our discoveries included a craft fair in Bennington, Vermont, and over Labor Day weekend, the New York State Fair in Syracuse.  Since it is impossible for us ever to forget that we are elder law attorneys, a part of us is always on… Continue Reading

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